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London Brick

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Similar to Riven, our London Brick is manufactured using high quality precast concrete.


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Explore the different colours of our high quality finish Riven. We can produce large or small quantities on a regular basis.

Cobble Stones

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Cobblestone is made on site by our staff; we can accustom to any quantity required at extremely competitive prices.


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We offer 8 different variations of York Concrete Paving, Let us know which style you would like

Decorative Block Walling

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If you’re looking for a robust, simple and flexible way of building retaining walls, push walls, salt bays, aggregate storage, compost, wood chip or any other material segregation walls then blocks could be what you’re looking for.


Blocks are also ideal for all sorts of temporary works including cofferdams. By using precast concrete blocks for above ground/no dig fencing and hoarding systems you avoid the risk of costly service strikes.

Hexagon Slabs & Stepping Stones

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Lot's of choice, pick yours Today...

Circle Segment

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Circle Segments manufactured by Platinum Products, Quality Precast ingredients finished to a high standard.

Rotunda Cirle

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'Inspired by the Classical Past for the Gardens of Today'


Rotunda offers so much opportunity to reshape traditional landscaping with its geometric design. It is possible to create exciting garden features every bit as attractive as those created by professionals. Available in a range of natural shades ROTUNDA in any theme will enhance your property.


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The top of a wall or pier is often the most exposed part of a structure and therefore very susceptible to effects of the weather. Platinum Products' range of copings and caps provides an attractive, cost-effective solution to protect these vulnerable areas.

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